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"Welcome to my shop, please make yourself at home!

I'm Priscila, the hands, soul and heart behind this Company.


Contributing to someone's happiness is something that really drives me. For several years I served unprivileged people working as a dentist in Brazil, my native country.

It was challenging but very gratifying.


After moving to the US, and a year-long wait for a work permit,

I had the time and also the chance to turn my passion for design, handcrafts, scents and beauty into a new project.


I have spent almost a year (and still am) perfecting and improving the petal soap concept which was passed down from my dear and talented aunt.


I was inspired by this gorgeous soap to create my own line of vegan gift soaps and since then it has become my full-time career.

All products are created and handcrafted by me with so much care and love that I really hope they can bring you some warmth and a joyful experience."


Priscila Yazbek

Founder, Owner & Maker

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